STOP is 128-page journal, featuring a wide selection of 20 of the most interesting photographic projects from around the world.

STOP.zine is a 28-page zine, featuring work from a number of photographers, under a specific theme.


The internet has revolutionised the way we view photography. We have a stream of new images by an infinite number of photographers around the world, available 24/7. Which is great; it means we can discover work that we would never otherwise have seen. But it's also changed our viewing habits. Because there's such a huge amount of content to trawl through, we flick through photos at high speed, not really pausing to look at them in detail. A lot of great work gets buried, and the work that is seen isn't appreciated as much as it should be. 

Something is definitely lost when photos are viewed on a screen, so STOP is print-only. It's certainly not the most practical choice in the digital age, but great work deserves to be printed. Flipping through a photobook is a completely different experience to scrolling through a feed. When something exists in the physical world, it is lent more importance. The viewer takes more time, and more care - really examines each image with greater depth and has a much fuller experience than if they had seen the photo on a smartphone or computer. 


My name's Stu and I'm a photography student here in the UK. I started this as a side-project, not really expecting to get anywhere close to producing a first issue. I've been really amazed by the positive response to the project!